"As an artist/teacher, Margery has revealed many of the intriguing mysteries of the ocean and its inhabitants both through her classroom teaching and on canvas. Her personal experience with marine life and her ability to interpret the understanding by human beings of these miraculous creatures is both unique and stimulating. We value her as one of the outstanding educators in our Elderhostel program."

—JO ANN KIMBALL (Former Director, Elderhostel)

"Margery is a polished public speaker and she delights in surprises and in learning, making her ideal with children. Her agile mind and strong, friendly approach allows her to easily keep the attention of students. In addition, she has a great sense of humor but she is not superficial or silly. I encourage you to invite Margery to your school to enhance the science and art education of your students. I am certain you will be glad you did."

—GERI AFSHARI (Elementary Assistant Principal of Tri-City Christian Schools)

"I was personally very impressed with your communication of the challenges, hardships and process of creating art. It was perfect."

—Dr. Richard C. Murphy (V.P. Science and Education,The Cousteau Society)

"We value your ability to adapt your vast marine experience to meet the specific needs of our clients. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and
great presentations are highly professional and you have a wonderful way with people."

—Doug Thompson (President of Thompson Voyages)