Margery Spielman  is an accomplished environmental artist who has exhibited her paintings in numerous Marine Art Expos, including those in Monterey, Maui, Kaui and Paris. Her work is in the collections of Jean-Michel Cousteau, Mikhail Gorbachev and the late Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

To view her work, please visit the gallery.

Jean-Michel Cousteau at Margery's exhibition at Sea Center, Santa Barbara.
Jacques Cousteau with Margery's work displayed on his windship ALCYONE'.

Current Endeavors


Since 1995, Margery has worked for ROAD SCHOLAR (formerly known as ELDERHOSTEL), an international organization for adventurous seniors. She teaches courses on the marine environment and leads tours on Anacapa and Santa Cruz Island.


Enjoyed by audiences of all ages, Margery shares her wealth of knowledge and experience of the undersea world through fun and informative Powerpoint presentations which she adapts to the needs of individual organizations or venues. Please contact her for additional information and availability.

Graphic and Motion Designer

Along with fine art, Margery's creative talents also include logo design, graphic design, motion graphics, underwater video and video-editing. To view her videos and selected logos, please visit the gallery. For additional services, such as web-design, please visit her partners at the newly created design company Zekewerks.



Margery studied Fine Arts and Photography at California State University at Northridge and Ventura Community College. In 2010, she completed an extensive course in Digital Multimedia at TDC (Technology Development Center) in Ventura, California, where her classes included videography, editing and motion graphics (Final Cut Pro and After Effects).


Diving since 1964, Margery is a NAUI / PADI certified instructor and has taught scuba and oceanography courses at Ventura Community College and Ojai Valley School. Her diving career also includes a background in Hollywood film production. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, she has worked underwater as a model, actor, stunt-diver and production manager.

The Cousteau Society

Margery's freelance assigments for The Cousteau Society have ranged from writing and research to diving, illustrating and public speaking. She created the distinctive logo design for the Parc Oceanique Cousteau in Paris, France, and is credited with the research and logistics for a two-hour television documentary on the California Channel Islands. Also, she was one of the first women to dive as a member of the Cousteau Diving Team.

A longtime resident of Pierpont Beach, in Ventura, California, Margery draws her creative inspiration from all aspects of nature, which she experiences first-hand through skiing, hiking, mountain-biking and body-surfing. She continues to scuba-dive professionally, along with her partner John Gelsinger. Also a veteran diver, he is captain and owner of the research vessel, HEY JUDE.

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